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The Professionals in Taking Care of Your Pets 

Our company conducts free in-home consultation for all our new clients which allows us to become familiarized with you and your pet.

Meet the Owners 

Keelie’s Pet Sitting is owned by Keelie & Michael Chamberland. They are animal lovers who currently live in Pleasanton, California. They are empty nesters and are enjoying their time together. They were both born & raised in the Tri-Valley area.

Throughout their lives, Keelie & Michael have had a wide range of pets, such as: a large tortoise, fish, rabbits, a raccoon, horses, birds, cats, and dogs. The current loves of their lives, are their 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Lucy Lulu and 8-year-old short-haired black cat named Moonshine. They bring joy to their home every day and are treated like royalty.

Lucy was diagnosed with epilepsy and has seizures monthly. So Keelie & Michael understand the anguish that a pet owner goes through with animals that have disorders and special needs. Due to Lucy's special needs and her anxious temperament, she would never do well in a kennel environment or being away from her familiar surroundings.

Many times, Keelie would find herself turning down invitations to go out of town, for short or long vacations, because of having no one to care for Lucy or Moonshine. She was not confident in using kennels or leaving them at a relative's home. She wanted them to be comfortable in their own surroundings, while they were away, because there is no place like home.

This dilemma gave Keelie the incentive to start her own pet sitting business, since she knew she wasn't the only one that faced this problem. She realized that it was a perfect fit for her due to the numerous amounts of pets that she have had before and her overwhelming love and devotion she have for fur babies. 

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